Top 5 Best Android Games Under 10 Mb

Android has become the biggest and most used operating system in the world, many people purchase android devices every day, new phones with better specs are released on a regular basis. However, many old phones are facing problem nowadays and one of the most common problems is the lack of storage in the device, to counter this issue we bring to you Best Android Games Under 10 Mb.

Entertainment is one of the reasons people purchase their smartphones, these games won’t take much space and will be sure to satisfy you. There is always a certain type of game for everyone, with this list of amazing games, you are sure to find the one which is right for you!

Endless Falling

One of the most interesting games we have seen in a while, the name says it all, in this game your character will fall off a cliff endlessly. You will have to save your character from obstacles that will try to kill you, it will be no easy task so try your best.

The background music and the art-work is the icing on top, it makes the already awesome gameplay even more exciting! It is a casual game that doesn’t require an active internet connection, so users are able to enjoy it anytime and everywhere.

Modern Sniper

An all in one shooting game package that takes place in the world of crime and chaos. The goal is simple, kill or be killed, you are equipped with guns to kill mobs of enemies and their leader.

More than 50 missions are available to be fulfilled, with exciting gameplay and soundtrack, prepare yourself for a ride that you will never forget!

Caveman Adventure

The game has a lot of aspects which are similar to big games such a Mario and Adventure Land, the game is brought to the market by STEM Studios. The game has an amazing storyline where a caveman runs and searches through the jungle to locate his son who has been taken away by a dinosaur.

There are more than 20 stages, power-up, and thousands of mind dazzling obstacles available at the moment, and many more to come! So what are you waiting for? Download the game and make sure to enjoy it in your free time.

Speed Moto

Speed Moto is one of the most beloved games among gamers, this game doesn’t take much space in fact the game takes only around 5 MB in storage. This game is amazing because what it brings to the table for a game that takes low space, it has 3d and amazing graphics, cool and futuristic bikes, and a subtle soundtrack. 

A lot of tracks are available, the tracks change as the character progresses into the story. My favorite track is honestly the Snowy Mountain, it gives off a chill and cool feeling which surely calms the heart and soul of its players.

Dr. Driving

Dr. Driving is the best racing game that is available under 10 Mb, the graphics honestly aren’t that exciting but considering it takes so little space, it’s the best racing game we have got so far.

It is a beginner-friendly game, with a lot of tracks. This game will surely keep you busy when you are bored, the best part; you can also online and race alongside your friends.

Final Words

As the technology is increasing, games are also starting to take and use more storage, luckily for us, some game developers release these games for low-end smartphones that some people still might be using today. We suggest everyone upgrade their smartphones so they can take their android gaming experience one step further.

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