Top 5 Best DS Games Of All Time

Nintendo DS is a handheld gaming device released in 2004, the sales and grow were exponential ever since its release and is now one of the most popular consoles worldwide. It soon became the most iconic console, revolutionized and changed everyone’s perspective on gaming. Due to its popularity, people created DS emulators to play the games for free, so today I will be sharing top 5 Best DS Games Of All Time.

Sonic Rush

A fast-paced side-scrolling action game developed by the Sonic Team released in 2005. Sonic’s games are infamous for being a hit or miss, but luckily for all DS owners, Sonic Rush was a big hit. The game features beautiful and colorful stages rendered in 2d and amazing models of Sonic and Rush which are in 3d.

The word  “Rush” perfectly describes this game because the game gives Sonic a skill that lets invincible allowing him to zoom through obstacles without dying. Without a doubt, there isn’t a better Sonic Game available for Nintendo DS than Sonic Rush.

Super Mario Bros

A side-scrolling action game where the player plays as Mario who is on a quest to save his princess who has been kidnapped by the villain- Bowser. The game first arrived on the market in 2006, the fans were a little critical before the launch however, it soon satisfied everyone and was the biggest hit of the year.

The game features fast-paced gameplay, puzzling levels, hard yet fun boss battles and a lot more. The developers kept the details of the old Mario that signifies its existence but with a little twist! The game also boasts a lot of levels with amazing graphics.

Pokemon Black and White

Pokemon games have been the most played games ever since the first was launched however, there is a rumor that all Pokemon games are very similar. This is true to some extent because the basic concept of its first game, Pokemon Red, were conserved.

Do not be fooled by the critics, Pokemon game had a decade to evolve. A lot has changed since its first launch including graphics, gameplay, drawing style, the story, and the amount of Pokemon! We highly suggest you to give this game a go, it is a decision that you will surely not regret.

Mario Kart

Love Mario? And also love racing games? Well, Mario Kart would be the perfect choice for those who love both of these. It is a Mario based racing game where the players have to race against other contestants to take the first spot however, it is no ordinary racing game because it comes with a big twist.

Each player can use skills that are specific to the character they pick, it is essential to find the best rider which suits your playstyle to have success in this game. The game comes with a lot of different beautiful levels and scenery, it will take you on a ride you will never forget!

Super Scribblenauts

Super Scribblenauts is an action-puzzle game developed by 5th cell. The story follows a young boy with a magic notebook that can create and bring into existence whatever is written on it. However, due to a prank, the young boy was punished by a sage turning his sister into stone.

Maxwell now has to complete quests by helping everyone in the world to collect Starrite, with enough starrites the curse will be lifted. It is no easy task to collect the starrites though, the task can be really challenging but what we do know is that you will love every second of the gameplay.

Last Words

There are a lot of games available on the internet and it can sometimes be frustrating to pick a good game especially when you are required to spend money. To solve all your worries, we brought to you the list of our favorite DS games. However, we recommend you to watch the gameplay of these games before you actually purchase them.

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