Best 5 PPSSPP (PSP) Games

PSP is a very popular console and millions of people around the world use it on a regular basis. However, not everyone is rich enough to afford one these emulators are getting very popular among PC gamers. PPSSPP is currently the best emulator to play PSP games on, today I will be sharing the top 5 Best PPSSPP Games.

God of War: Chains of Olympus

A mega-hit 3rd person action-adventure game made by Santa Monica Studios and published by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2008. The storyline is based on Greek mythology and takes place in ancient Greece with vengeance as its main plot, this is one of the most appealing themes to gamers. 

The gameplay is very similar to its previous prequels, the game boasts an amazing combo-based dual-wielding combat system which has amazed millions of its fans and to this day, it still provides one of the most thrilling experiences. The players can gain and use up to 3 spells as they progress through the story, the game makes sure to keeps its users entertained by also having various puzzles to take the difficulty to another level.

Tekken 6

A sequel to one of the most popular fighting games, Tekken 6 took the world by storm upon its release. The game was developed and published by Bandai Namco Games and was launched in arcades in November 2007.  The game’s sales were sky-rocketed when the game was finally released on the most popular console- PSP.

Differentiating for its previous versions, Tekken 6 introduces a new feature- rage system, it activates when the player’s health gets low giving the user a boost in strength, take advantage of this to turn the tables on your opponent when the situation gets sticky. 

The classic mode brings an amazingly written and immersive storyline for each character, the best part for me is how each individual piece connects together towards the end, making Tekken 6 the best fighting game of its time. 

GTA: Vice City

An open-world action-adventure game made by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games, released in 2002. The game takes place in a fictional place called Vice City which is based on Miami. The game follows the story of Tommy Vercetti when he gets attacked by the mafia and forced into a corner.

The game uses 3rd person perspective to provide its players a wide field of view, this is crucial due to its fast-paced action and adventurous gameplay. The storyline is based on real-world events such as Crack Epidemic, Drug Lords, and biker gangs, the players have to take over the Vice City world and sit atop the masses.

Assassin Creed: Bloodlines

Part of the Assassin Creed franchise, this game is a fast-paced action game where players are required to assassinate their target within the blink of an eye. The main attraction is its stealth mechanic and cool assassination animations which every other game fails to deliver.

The new currency this game uses is coins, more specifically templar coins. Although optional, players should collect these throughout the game to unlock special features such as hidden areas, cosmetic features, or to boost the strength of the character.

WWE 2K18

A professional wrestling video game made by Yuke’s and published 2k Sports released in November 2017. The game lets you play with all the wrestlers available on the franchise including the fan-favorite- Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. 

Multiple players are able to play together making this one of the best games for families to play together. Also, the most alluring feature has been remodeled, introducing new mechanics, finishers, and elimination sequences.


PSP has been the most popular console since its release due to its portability, although due to its price, simulators have been made for people to play and enjoy its features for free. We advise the readers to purchase actual consoles and games so that they can support the developers, and motivate them to produce more and better master-pieces. 

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