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Hill Climb Racing1.45.2 Apk Mod (Unlimited Money) Android

A physics-based driving game which is known as the best one ever made by many users around the world. Launched in 2012, it is the best game created by Fingersoft. You will be able to enjoy the game without any limitations. Download hill climb racing mod apk from our website now!

Racing games have been well-received by the audience over the year and this is no exception. It created a huge storm in the gaming market ever since it was launched. The game’s popularity rose due to its creative and exciting driving mechanics.

Hill climb racing v1.40.0 mod apk

The game follows the journey of Newton Bill, a young uphill racer. His passion has brought him to the place of no return. It now depends on you whether he will achieve his dreams or die a grueling death. It is your responsibility to defy the laws of physics and help the aspiring racer conquer the hills.

Collect coins as you defeat the challenges to upgrade your car. Gain power-ups as you defeat the monstrous terrains to reach heights which no man has ever dreamed of. Be careful, the fuel may run out at a moment’s notice!


  • Huge variety of vehicles to choose from with a lot of unique upgrades (Ammo, color, Strength, etc)
  • Lots of different stages: Countryside, Beach, lakeside, city, town, etc.
  • Fascinating graphics with beautiful backgrounds,
  • Cool audio track to match the fast-paced game-play.
  • Runs smoothly on old devices.



Hill Climb Racing has been a favorite amongst the fans. With our help, you will be able to play with this game with ease. Just download the mod from our website and enjoy access to everything. However, we recommend you to play the game by itself so you can enjoy the challenges and improve your driving skills

My Boy Pro Apk — Download GBA Emulator v1.8.0 (Latest) for Android

GBA (Game Boy Advance) made its debut in the market in 2001. A handheld device created and marketed by Nintendo. The oldest but the most amazing hardware which is available in the market. Its predecessor, GameBoy did not support colored graphics which made this a huge hit. Want to play GBA games for free? Then we recommend you My Boy Pro Apk

Gaming has always been trending and appeals to all age groups. A lot of options are available in the market that lets you do that. Smartphones, computers, Xbox, PlayStations, but consoles have always been the most distinct platform.

My Boy GBA Emulator v1.8.0 apk

My Boy! is an emulator that lets you play GBA games on android devices, PC, and IOS. It can do a lot more than just emulating games. Thanks to its quicksave feature, users can save progress without waiting for checkpoints. Although games take time to enjoy, the fast-forward feature lets you skip intros and it lets you complete the games at a quicker pace.

Different cheat options including codebreaker, game shark, and action replay are available. Players can now enjoy all the features of available without any frustration.

My Boy GBA Emulator Download

Want to download My Boy Pro Apk 2020 but don’t know how? You have come to the perfect place. Today, I will be sharing the best and easiest trick which will work without any problems. You do not need to have a rooted or jailbroken device. The method is very simple and anyone can do it as long as they follow the instructions thoroughly.

  1. Go to Settings, and navigate to the Privacy section.
  2. Enable “Unknown Sources”
  3. Download My Boy Pro Apk our website.
  4. Tap on the install button.
  5. Open My Boy!
  6. Enjoy gaming!

Note: Please also check out our article on Best 5 PPSSPP (PSP) Games in case you want to play PSP games.


Features of My Boy Pro GBA APK

It is 2020 and everything has upgraded to ease and benefit its users to the greatest potential. The same is the case with this app, it comes with tons of amazing features. Developers provide updates to their applications, new versions are available on our website.

Author’s Remark

Gaming is appealing to every age group but isn’t always affordable by everyone. To combat this, people have developed alternatives. The usage of these apps is fine as long as people you support the developers which spent time and money in the development of these gadgets.

Free Fire Mod Apk + OBB [Latest Updated Version for Android ~ 2020]

Battle royale games have taken the gaming world by storm, no game has ever been as popular as these games. The most popular ones include PUBG and Fortnite however, it is very hard to get the modded version of those two games. Therefore, in this article, you will be provided with instructions, information and data on how to get free fire mod apk. The normal version is also available to be downloaded, you can download it from the Play store or better yet from our website.

Free Fire is the 2nd best game after PUBG mobile, and it is the most-watched Battle Royale game on Youtube. The growth of this game has been exponential lately, and it will soon take over the battle royale market.

Like PUBG, the mechanics of this game are very difficult to master. It is very easy to tell the difference between a noob, and a pro, this is because skills to play this game properly is high. 

This is where we come in, you can easily download free fire mod apk, free fire hacks 2020, and all related apps from our website without paying a single buck!

File NameGarena Free Fire MOD APK
Size350 Mb
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Health/Auto Aim/Wallhack
Updated on13 December 2019
Supported onAndroid 4.1 and on

Download Free Fire Mega MOD APK v1.43.0 + OBB


Download Free Fire APK v1.43.0 + OBB


Garena Free Fire MOD APK Overview

Like other battle royale game like PUBG and Fortnite, you will match with more than 50 other live players after the matchmaking. Shortly after waiting in the lobby, you will be flying in a plane over a massive landscape, you can jump off the plane with a parachute and land at the place of choice.=

Your goal is to gear up after landing, observe your surrounding, stalk your prey and strike them once they let down their guard.  Your goal is to be the last one standing while brutally killing everyone who stands in your path to victory.

Garena Free Fire: Winterlands MOD APK Features

  • Survival: You are required to be the last one standing, do whatever it takes to claim the victory title for yourself. Stay inside the Safe Zone while searching for gears, and kill every target in your sight
  • Scenery: Free Fire mod apk 2020 also has an amazing view of the wild, these breath-taking views take the excitement to another level.
  • Rank:  The longer you survive, the higher rank you will get! Compete with your friends to see who has what it takes to be best.
  • VoiceChat: With the addition of the game-mode called “Squads”, voice chat is also added to the game, now you can play with your friends from all around the world and talk to them simultaneously!

Unlimited Diamonds and Coins Mod Menu

  • Unlimited Diamonds and Coins
  • All Characters are Unlocked
  • Fire across the wall
  • No Fog and No Grass
  • Safe to use and Download
  • Anti-ban Feature
  • Supported in all devices
  • No Root
  • AutoSave the game
  • Update Automatically
  • Easy to install
  • Free Garena shells

Unlocked Characters and Skills 

  • The most liked feature in the game is that Free Fire MOD APK Consist of quite numerous guns that have a close resemblance to weapons from real life and work similarly to rifles like AWM, M4A1, M16A4, Scar-Light, and many others.
  • All skins are unlocked in the game
  • Countless guns are waiting to be picked!
  • When you download Garena Free Fire MOD APK, you will get a lot of free accessories
  • Items like  ammo, helmets, and armor sets will increase your safety tremendously 
  • Automobiles like bikes and jeep will assist you to get to the locations you want quickly.

Download Fre Fire MOD APK Android

  1. Download Free Fire MOD APK or Normal APK from the link provided \
  2. Also Download OBB File from the same page
  3. Install the apk on your mobile device
  4. Enable “Unknown Sources” option from settings 
  5. Extract the obb to a safe location
  6. Paste the Extracted file in Free Fire folder
  7. Open the Game and Enjoy

Final Thoughts

Free fire is an open world battle royale game, while it is a very competitive game, a player should learn to play the game to enjoy it rather than try-Harding for the win. Our mod gives you an upper hand when you are playing the game, but it is recommended to get good at the game from your own experience. Getting high rank from your own diligence is something you can be proud of.

Spotify Premium APK [Latest Updated Version for Android ~ 2020]

Spotify is a music streaming app made by Spotify AB, it was founded in 2006 and is now one of the leading companies in the music streaming industry. There are more than 20 million music tracks available for everyone to indulge in, new tracks are added daily.

it recommends songs to its users by using an A.I which tracks your favorite songs, search history, and genre. It also lets users create their own playlists which they can then share with their friends, peers, and family. 

This app has become a huge international success earning billions of dollars each month. It was the first-ever movement by a big company to fight against piracy, composers earn money whenever someone listens to their songs.

What is Spotify APK?

it is basically an app that lets you listen to your favorite tracks, songs, music, and albums on-the-go. It has millions of tracks that everyone can have access to no matter where they are. It also pays loyalty to its composers so that they can continue to produce the songs that we all love to hear. 

We believe that there is always a certain type of music that a person likes. Spotify Premium apk 2020has thousands of genres, so now there is a song that you can enjoy. 

it is also very easy to use: Open the APP, search your favorite song, and enjoy listening to it for hours without any stop, there are no limitations when it comes to the premium version!

Why Spotify APK?

The leading app when it comes to music, all other apps fail to compare to this masterpieces. Not only does it have millions of songs, but the User Interface makes the app even more exciting to use! It lets you customize your music just the way you want. It also lets you discover your inner-self, there is always a certain type of music to match your situation.

  • User-Interface: A very simple, yet adventurous and exciting UI that takes the already amazing interface to new heights. Your favorite songs are only a click away!
  • Universal: this is a universal app, which means unlike other apps songs, music, and tracks are available from all around the world. Songs from every country, regions, and languages are available in just a single app.
  • Smart A.I: Unlike other software, it will not only provide the things you searched for, but it will also provide results related to your search so that you can expand your music library.
  • Lets you upload your own music for other people to enjoy.
  • Options: There are a lot of varieties of songs available, so you can change your tracks depending on your mood.

Spotify Free

it lets you install a free version of its premium app. As it suggests, since its a free version, you will be facing a lot of ads and the premium features will not be available to be used. Spotify APK mod 2020 will let you stream millions of songs, despite facing unwanted ads, the joy of listening to your favorite music and tracks is worth the pain.

Spotify APK Premium

Spotify APK premium is a premium version of the free app which is available on Apple and Google play store. This version of the popular app includes all the features that would normally not be available in the free app. However, users are required to pay a monthly subscription in order to gain access to all of its content. it lets you listen to songs offline without any internet connection by letting you download your favorite music, tracks, songs, and albums. It is loved and used by millions of people from all around the world.

Spotify Free vs Spotify Premium APK

There are obvious differences between these two apps since one is available for free and the other required monthly subscription.  This app provides you with a lot of beneficial features such as the ability to shuffle songs for when you are bored and would like a twist in your playlist, the streaming speed is also significantly faster in Spotify Premium APK 2020 so you won’t need to wait before listening, it’s also ad-free so nothing will disturb your peaceful and quality time with your songs.

it is regularly updated by a team of dedicated developers who have an amazing ideal which is to satisfy its customers. You will never be left behind in this era of change and advancement of technology.

Spotify APK Cracked

If you are looking to stream songs without any issues, problems, internet connection, and usage of data then you have come to the right place. Spotify apk cracked will solve all your hustle with just a simple click.

Spotify apk cracked 2020 lets you stream songs while offline, import playlists from your friends, and doesn’t pester you with those annoying ads.

Everyone enjoys and love listening to music whenever they get the opportunity to, music is scientifically proven to calm the mind and heart of humans. It provides us with a method of releasing all our stress and makes us become one with our soul and nature.

There is no better way of listening to music other than using our app, providing you with all the features possible and ensures a quality listening session. It helps you stay away from unwanted tracks which may not be suitable for your taste or mood. It also comes with a smart A.I that keeps track of your recent activities and frequently listened to the genre to recommend you the best music available which it thinks will suit your mood.

By free downloading Spotify apk premium, you will also be able to enjoy listening to music offline without worrying about finishing your data or when data is not available. It helps satisfy your mood every time you open the app.

Spotify Premium APK 2020 Features

The premium version was released due to popular demand, this version has all the features a user could ever ask for. The features are regularly updated to help improve its user’s experience.

Before we tell you how to download and install this app, you should understand the power it brings to the table. It provides you with features that all its other competitors fail to compare.

  • No ADs:  No one likes getting disturbed while doing the things they enjoy, right? The same goes for music however, Spotify premium apk 2020 solves this problem by providing you with a smooth viewing and listening experience without any disturbance from those annoying ads. The good part is that the composers also get paid, and get motivated to produce more masterpieces.  
  • Unlimited Choices: As mentioned earlier, the normal app lets you only skip 6 songs per hour. However, Spotify apk mod 2020 lets you do so much more, it lets you skip as many songs as needed to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Download: it lets you download your beloved tracks and music so that you are able to enjoy even when you are offline. This is a huge step by the company, not only does it let users save their data but no data or internet connection is required whatsoever so you are able to listen to your music in areas where there is no mobile connection.
  • Unlimited Playlist: unlike its free counterpart, the premium version lets you create an unlimited number of playlists, each with different types of songs to help you with your current situation. It also lets you share your playlist with millions of its other daily and active users.

Spotify apk Premium 2020 Download

To ensure a safe, virus-free and easy installation, please carefully follow the instructions provided by our website. 

Enable Unknown Sources

Before proceeding with the download, it is essential for you to enable “unknown sources” from the settings within your phone. Every model might have a different method of enabling it so we suggest you spend some time on it.

Enabling “Unknown Sources” lets you install apps in android outside of google play store. By enabling this method, you are telling Google that you want full control over you device however, this means that you phone is more exposed to malicious files and viruses. Google can no longer control what files you are downloading so it can’t protect you any longer thus we suggest you follow the steps provided by us very carefully. 


Click on the link provided by our website to download Spotify app premium 2020, once the download is completed, you are required to give the app permissions so that it can gain access to your phone. Don’t worry all the apps from our website have been tested by professionals. Once the installation is complete, you can open the app, log in with your account or create a new account. You can also login using your social media account, once you are logged in, you are free to do whatever you please. 

Spotify for PC

Due to its rapid growth and to please its users, the company also released Spotify premium for PC. Our favorite songs are now yet again available for another platform for our accessibility and ease. We can now listen to what we love while working or studying without having to use our phone. The best part is, our playlists and favorite songs are synced with their server so they are accessible from the Spotify apk pc. 

  1. Download the Spotify downloader app from our website
  2. Follow the instructions in the installer
  3. Install the app
  4. Login with your account, or create a new one
  5. Enjoy listening to  millions of track anytime and anywhere

Spotify APK Mod

It is a modded version of the Spotify app. All the songs are freely available for its users without any payment or subscription, it provides everything a normal app would but enhanced and better. You are also given an option to change the appearance, theme, and even the layout of the app. Now the best became even better!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Spotify Premium App 2020?

It is a paid version of its free counterpart which is available in the Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Is Spotify APK Safe to use?

Yes, our app has been tested by professional and there is no issue whatsoever.

How do I download Spotify APK premium 2020?

The app is available to be downloaded from our website free of cost

How much data does Spotify use?

It honestly depends on the length of the song and your listening time. The more you listen, the more data is used.

Can I download songs from Spotify Free?

No, the songs can only be downloaded from Spotify premium. Don’t panic, it can be downloaded from our website.

Is there an ad-free version of Spotify?

Yes, the premium version doesn’t come with ads, the company earns money through the paid subscription the user have to purchase each month.

Final Thoughts

Piracy is very common nowadays, so the Spotify company released its paid a subscription so that the users can listen to music while supporting the artists. We understand that money is hard to earn and you may not want to spend it on music, so we bring to you the Spotify premium mod apk so that you can get the benefits of its premium version for free.

Cartoon HD APK [Latest Updated Version for Android ~ 2020]

With the recent advancement of technology, entertainment should always be at the edge of your finger-tip without any cost, right? But it isn’t, many companies such as Netflix and Hulu cost a lot of money. This is where Cartoon HD apk premium comes in, an app that lets you entertain yourself without any worries. 

What is Cartoon HD apk 2020

It is the best cartoon streaming app available in 2019, it lets you watch, download, and stream.  It used to be available on google play and app store, however, due to recent changes in copyright laws, it was removed.  Do not worry, it is still available and can be downloaded from our website free of cost.



There are Pros and Cons to everything, however, there are way too many pros that you will be dazzled by how amazing this app is. The pros far outweigh the cons, it is very apparent why Cartoon HD app 2019 is the best app of choice to stream your favorite shows.

  1. Resolution: there are a lot of reasons why this feature is very appealing to a lot of people. Videos can be downloaded at different resolutions such as 360p, 420p, 780p, and even 1080p, all the videos can be downloaded in HD quality 
  2. User Interface: UI is a very big issue when it comes to attracting users, this app nails this issue by providing its users with a fantastic UI which not only is easy to use but also very exciting.
  3. Huge Database: Cartoon HD apk Mod has one of the biggest databases of movies and cartoons, it is guaranteed to satisfy you and will leave you craving for more by its amazing collection of your favorite shows.
  4. Low data usage: Due to our amazing servers, you will be able to stream videos even with a very poor internet connection.

How Cartoon HD works?

We have a team of designers, uploaders, and researchers each with a crucial task at their hands. Designing team ensures that User Interface is plausible to every age group, interesting layout, exciting to use, and most importantly making every feature accessible to all our users.

The team of uploaders uploads the videos in the highest quality possible and ensure that the videos are accessible to everyone whenever they use the app. It is their job to make sure our audience is pleased with our app and that every video is available on demand.

The researcher search all over the internet to find TV shows, movies, and cartoons and bring them to one place. They have the hardest task to find these videos from all over the internet. Some videos may not be available in HD quality, do not worry and give our team some time to make these videos available to you. 

Our team is very diligent, and it will be very hard for us to keep our app running without your support. 

Cartoon HD APK

Android is the most used device nowadays, its available in almost all phones that are used nowadays. You will be delighted to know that Cartoon HD APK is specially made and designed for Android devices. 

Downloading apps outside of Google Play Store can be somewhat tricky, and oftentimes people end up downloading viruses, malware, and bloatware. Do not worry, we provide an easy and risk-free method to help you download free of cost which will help you stream your favorite cartoon and movies.

If you are downloading an app outside of Google Play Store, you will need to enable downloads from unknown sources. I will guide you through all the necessary steps needed to get this app in your device.

  • Go to Settings
  • Then go to security
  • Enable “unknown sources”
  • Download app from our website
  • Go to “Download Manager” or “File Manager” in your Android phone
  • Go to the “Downloads” folder
  • Tap on Cartoon HD apk
  • Tap on install

Now you are done installing this app in your device, and you will be able to enjoy all its features.

Cartoon HD apk for PC

Step 1)  Downloading bluestack

  • BlueStacks is a software for Windows and Linux which lets users run Android apps on Windows 
  • Click on the link below to download BlueStacks 

Step 2)  Download Cartoon HD apk

  • Open Bluestacks
  • Click on “add apk file”
  • Choose “Cartoon HD”

Cartoon HD IOS

There is no official version of this app for IOS devices, however, it is still possible to install it. A Jailbroken device is required, if your device isn’t jailbroken then it is recommended to look for other alternatives. 

  • Set the date of your device to 1st January 2014, this is to trick the IOS services as the law wasn’t made before that date.
  • Open Safari web browser, and open the Cartoon HD apk ios link.
  • Download the file and install it
  • You are done! Enjoy Cartoon HD IOS in your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cartoon HD Host Movies and  Videos on their own Servers?

Cartoon HD does not keep files on their own server, instead  they use famous video hosting services like Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo. These big websites have a lot more storing capacity than our servers can handle.

What devices support Cartoon HD App?

As mentioned earlier, almost all devices are supported but the app is specially designed for Android devices, it is recommended for IOS users to find and use an alternative to Cartoon HD APK. Cartoon HD can be downloaded in almost all devices by using the instructions provided by us.

Does it stream content in HD?

Yes, the videos are uploaded in the highest quality possible, however, the resolution can be changed depending on the preference of the users. 

 Has Cartoon HD been shut down?

Due to Copyright issues, Cartoon HD was removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App stores. Due to popular demand, the servers are still working and videos can still be streamed, however, the app must be installed from our website to ensure and virus-free and safe installation. 

Is Cartoon HD APK safe?

Yes, we have scanned the app with many different Anti-Virus software to ensure the users that the app is 100% safe. The app is being used in millions of devices without any issue.

Is Cartoon HD APK is free of cost?

Yes, the app is available for free. No payment or monthly subscription is required. It is our goal to entertain everyone without any cost, however, there are ads in the app, this is to ensure the highest quality services and videos.


Cartoon HD apk is an application made by a dedicated developer with one goal in mind “Entertainment should be free, and always be available anywhere and anytime”. This is made true by the creation of this app, all that you need is a device capable of running android, and an internet connection. Cartoon HD apk ensures quality, fun, and entertaining view time without any hassle or worry of any sort.