PAN Card Status – Check UTI, NSDL PAN Card Status

PAN card stands for Permanent Account Number ( PAN ). It is the combination of ten-digit alphanumeric number, issued in the form of a laminated tamper-proof card. It is issued by the Income Tax Department ( ITD ).

PAN card always remains unique to an individual or a firm and it remains valid across India. PAN unique number does not change if an individual or firm move to the other part of India. Only the address, name changes if an individual move within or across the states in India.

Check PAN Card Status

Tracking the PAN card status is not a big deal in today’s era. You can easily track the status of the PAN card online and it is quite easy nowadays. When you apply for the PAN card online or update any information, you get an acknowledgment number which can be used to track the PAN card status.

Different ways to know about the PAN status:

1. Check PAN status through mobile:

SMS Service: With a view to keep the applicant updated about the status of his/her application, PAN issuing authority has launched a Short Message Service (SMS) based facility. The applicant can send an SMS to 3030 with a message containing the word PAN followed by a space and the 15-digit acknowledgment number provided at the time of submission of application.

Call Service: Authority also provides the call facility for the applicants to know about the status of PAN card. Applicants can contact on 022- 24994650 number in order to know about the PAN status.

Online Service: Online method to track the PAN status is really very convenient for the applicant. There is a lot of options available for the applicant to track the PAN status online. You can track your application using the acknowledgment and date of birth. Both the procedure has been explained in detail below.

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2. PAN Card Status By Name And Date Of Birth:

Step 1. First of all, visit the official website. Click here.

Step 2. After visiting the official website, you have to select the option either PAN ( new /change request ) or TAN ( new/change request ) in the “application type” section.

Step 3. Now, you have to select the ‘name’ section and after this enter the name as given for the PAN application ( First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name / Surname ). ( Applicants other than ‘Individuals’ should write their name in the field for Last Name/Surname only)

Step 4. Enter the date of birth/ Incorporation/Agreement/Partnership or Trust Deed/ Formation of the body of Individuals/ Association of persons. The format of date of birth should be DD/MM/YYYY. Where D stands for Date, M stands for Month and Y stands for the year.
Step 5. Finally, at last, you have to click on ‘Submit’ button.pan card status by Name and DoBPan card status by name and DoB

3. PAN card status by acknowledgment number

Step 1. Visit the official website for PAN status by PAN number

Step 2. Select the application type ‘PAN – New/Change Request’ from the drop-down menu available on the official website.

Step 3. Enter the acknowledgment number and click on submit button.

Pan card status by acknowledgment number

FAQs About the PAN card:

How can I track my PAN card status?

There are mainly three ways to track the PAN card status.
1. SMS Service:  In order to use this service, the applicant has to send an SMS to 3030 with a message containing the word PAN followed by a space and the 15-digit acknowledgment number.
2. An individual applicant can contact on 022- 24994650 number in order to know about the PAN status.
3. Online service: Nowadays, this is the most convenient way to track the PAN Card status, an individual has to visit the official website and has to fill-up the acknowledgment number to track the status of PAN Card.

How can I get the PAN card acknowledgment number?

PAN card acknowledgment number is a unique number provided to an individual after applying for the PAN card either through the NSDL or UTIITSL.
If an individual applies through NSDL, the entity will generate a 15 digit PAN acknowledgment number whereas UTIITSL will generate the 9 digit PAN acknowledgment number.

Can I download the PAN card?

Yes, Now an individual can download the PAN card in PDF format. In order to do so, an individual has to visit the official website of the IT Department for the ePAN card.
Thereafter, an individual has to enter the acknowledgment number and enter the captcha code and click on the ‘submit’ button.

How much time does it take for PAN card?

Normally two weeks are required to process the application & dispatch the PAN card. But nowadays an individual can get the PAN card number within 24 to 48 hours.

How can I know my PAN card number and details?

In order to know the PAN card number and details, an individual has to download the ePAN card from the IT Department official website.

What is UTI PAN card ?

Permanent Account Number Or PAN card is issued by UTI and NSDL on behalf of the IT department.
UTI Infrastructure Technology And Services Limited (UTIITSL), formerly known as UTI Technology Services Limited (UTITSL) was established in the year. It is one of the largest Financial Service Providers in India.

What is the age limit for PAN card?

Most of the people think that an individual who has turned to 18 can obtain the PAN card. However, this not true. An individual can obtain the PAN card even he/she is under 18. Income tax department has not prescribed any age limit to obtain the PAN. Any Indian Nationality can obtain the PAN irrespective of his/her age. In short, age does not matter to get the PAN card.